Heart of Hollywood Tour - Closed


This attraction has now closed

Forty years since it was torn down from its iconic spot on the Hollywood Hills, the ‘H’ from the original Hollywood sign is to embark on a five year world tour as the centre piece of The Heart Of Hollywood World Tour.

Standing the height of four double decker buses, the imposing and impressive sign served as a symbol of the Golden Age of Hollywood between 1923 and 1978 with its legacy continuing to this day.

The sign has never before left the USA and film fans across the world will now have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soak up the glamourous history of Hollywood.

As well as the sign itself, visitors will witness a collection of important Hollywood memorabilia. Many of these priceless artefacts have never been seen in public before and will return to the Hollywood Museum and private collections once the tour is over in 2023. 

Items on display include:

*The chair on which Marilyn Monroe posed on for her last photoshoot

*Marilyn Monroe’s bed

*Elvis Presley’s jumpsuits

*John Wayne’s clothing

*Charlie Chaplain’s clothing

*Clarke Gable’s tuxedo from ‘Gone with the Wind’

*Superman’s costume

*Michael Jackson’s fedora hat

And Much More………….

There will also be a Hollywood Art Gallery showcasing the work of revered artist, and tour organiser, Bill Mack on the remaining letters of the Hollywood sign.